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Welcome to The Wool Pirate

Written by Cindy Schumacher


Posted on January 14 2024

Entrelac crochet blanket

Entrelac Crochet Blanket - Made with 100% Wool from MacAusland Wollen Mill


Welcome aboard!  I am so glad you are here.

My name is Cindy and I am the maker behind The Wool Pirate.  I live in beautiful Norfolk County with my husband, my son (my Technical Manager) and a farm full of animals.

My love of fibre began at a young age.  My mom taught me how to crochet when I was in high school.  I would watch her make lovely blankets and I remember being in awe over how a simple ball of yarn could be transformed into something I could snuggle under on a cold winter night.  I made blankets at first then branched into scarfs and hats.  

I would crochet items on and off again for the next 15 years but it was during a trip to Prince Edward Island that I fell back in love with fibre arts.  This time, it was rug hooking!  My goodness, the beautiful rugs that were made with just a few simple tools was too much for me to resist.  I still hook rugs and have added needle punch into the mix as well.

I ventured into knitting about 7 years ago as a natural progression with my passion for yarn.  I love the fabric you get from knitting and found it a wonderful challenge to get used to two (or 4 needles) compared to 1 crochet hook.  I love to knit socks, sweaters, shawls and hats. 

I have a passion for natural fibres.  Wool, alpaca and cotton to name just a few.  So that brings us to The Wool Pirate and why I started this online shop.  In Norfolk County, we have a couple of big box stores that sell big brand-name yarns.  Nothing wrong with them and I have certainly created many things with these yarns over my lifetime. 

However, I wanted access to more unique, natural fibre yarns especially ones based in Europe.  My goal is to provide you, the enthusiastic maker, with top-quality yarn that will last and is a joy to work with.  You spend your precious time and energy crafting and deserve to have the best.  

All the yarns, needles, hooks and accessories you will find at The Wool Pirate are carefully selected by me.  I am very passionate about yarns and I'm always happy to help.  

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the selection of yarns available.

Happy Crafting