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The Wool Pirate

Brittany Double Pointed Needles

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Size: Brittany Double Pointed Needles - 2.25mm US 1 - 5" Length

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Brittany knitting and crochet needles are made in California from sustainably harvested Birch trees.  For 41 years, this family-run business has hand finished each needle exactly to size.

Double-pointed needles are shorter needles with points on both ends.  Use these needles when you are knitting in circles and the size is smaller.  For example, hats, mittens or sleeves.

These birch knitting needles are light and feel warm.   Even the packaging is made from recycled material.  But best of all, they are so pretty.

These needles are 5"inches in length and come in a package of 5, unless the needles are smaller than 2.75mm, in which they are a package of 6.  The very small sizes are more fragile than the larger sizes, hence Brittany provides an extra one in case of breakage.

If you like to support a small business in North America, I suggest you check these out.